Tour Championship 2021, 3rd day: prediction and bets by Vladimir Sinitsyn

Yesterday we managed to score a hat-trick due to the fact that the match went according to a logical scenario. But today, when Mark Selby and Kyren Wilson are playing, it is extremely difficult to anticipate a possible scenario. Mark Selby is the favorite, but at this stage of the season his performance is not convincing. On Saturday, Mark did not perform well in his group of the «Pro Series» tournament. Kairen played on Sunday, but he was already in the final group, which is much more significant. True, Wilson managed to win only one match out of seven.

These opponents have a very similar playing style. Both are pronounced station wagons, which promises a captivating sight. Expect everything that snooker is good at in this match. Quite unexpectedly, Kyren is in second place in serial production this season (Selby is in third). Not only serial production, but also success in tactical confrontation will be of great importance.

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In terms of psychological stability, it is difficult to give preference to any of these rivals. I do not think that the winner’s advantage will be impressive. Therefore, the first bet will be on the fact that there will be at least 17 games in the meeting. I do not expect a particularly high seriality. But taking into account the expected large number of frames, you can take «total over» for 50 series+. I will refrain from betting on hundreds. In the last two matches of these rivals, with the scores 6: 5 and 10: 8, there was not a single century. By the way, all head-to-head matches of the format up to four wins and more were won by Mark Selby.

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